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Advance Fees, Retainer Fees, & Compensation for Services Rendered ~ CE.5398000-RE 3 Hrs. Law & Legislation
Tired of working for very little or nothing at all?  Would you like to increase your revenue & profitability?  Learn how to get paid in advance for services to be rendered or for services already rendered.  This compensation may or may not be credited to the close of escrow. 

Certified Foreclosure Alternatives Consultant (CFAC)
CE.5094000-RE 7 Hrs. General
This NEW designation is under the auspices of Steven Kitnick Seminars, LLC
& CareerRealty.com.  The course content includes

  • Using the Educational / Consultative Approach
  • Advanced Communication & Negotiation Techniques
  • Current Market Trends
  • Options for Remaining in the Home
  • Options to Sell or Give Up the Property
  • A Complete Short Sale Listing System
  • Effectively Working With Short Sale Buyers
  • Loss Mitigation and Servicer Processing Tips
  • How to Reduce Your Risk & Liability in Today’s Market
  • Legal & Tax Ramifications for the Short Sale Seller
  • Implementing the CFAC Business Model for Your Continued Success

    Closing Costs in 10 Minutes or Less
    CE.3276000-RE 3 Hrs. General  ~ Learn to structure transactions and get your offers accepted!  Quick way to calculate closings costs; rules of thumb; FHA/VA, Conventional, and Cash closing cost sheets. Bring a calculator!  

    Commission Hearings:  Case Studies III  NEW COURSE CE.5391000-RE 3 Hrs. Ethics  or Broker Management .  This course reviews more recent disciplinary action hearings and covers different case studies than othese offered in Commission Hearings:  Case Studies ~ CE.3997000-RE. You do not have to be a broker or broker salesman to take this course.  If you've already taken ethics and/or broker management, you can take this course for general credit. You do not have to take CE.3977000-RE before taking this course AND you may take both!  One for Ethics and the other for Broker Management or General. 

    Contracts for the Real Estate Professional  NEW COURSE
    CE# Pending!  3 Hrs. Contracts ~ Today's market can be a minefield for even the most seasoned professional.  This course is designed to improve the knowledge and skill of licensees in understanding the nature of contracts, including multiple offers.  Learn to provide even better service to clients, customers, & colleagues by engaging in fair and honest dealings with all parties in a real estate transaction.   

    Deficiency Judgments NEW COURSE!!!
    CE.5399000-RE 3 Hrs. Law & Legislation
    Are we a recourse or non-recourse state? We're both!  Do we have deficiency & anti-deficiency judgment statutes? Yes.  Can lienholders sue you
    after a judicial or non-judicial foreclosure?  Maybe.  What about short sales and deed-in-lieu of foreclosures on 1st and junior lienholders?  Maybe.  If so, how long do they have?  It depends!  A look at pertinent sections of NRS Chapters
    40 & 11; AB471, AB273, SB 414 that amended Chapter 40 in the 2009 & 2011
    legislative sessions. 

  • Ethics for the Nevada Real Licensee  NEW COURSE
    CE# Pending!  3 Hrs. Ethics ~ This course will enable the licensee to know and understand pertinent NRS Chapter 645 laws and NAC 645 codes that govern conduct, duties, responsibilities, and grounds for disciplinary action.      
    Ethics for the Real Estate Professional

    CE.3170001-RE 3 Hrs. Ethics ~ Professionals face challenging and uniques ethical dilemnas.  An examination of ethical decision-making models, hypothetical & actual case studies.    
    Fiduciary Duties   
    CE.3592000-RE 3 Hrs. Agency ~ Licensees will examine “common law” concepts that have been incorporated into the statutory Duties Owed by a Nevada Real Estate Licensee.  

  • The HUD Sales Contract
    CE# Pending! 3 Hrs. Contracts 

    Nevada Agency Relationships
    CE.5239000-RE 3 Hrs. Agency ~ Agency relationships in Nevada:  single agency, multiple representation, assigned agency.  Duties-owed to clients & customers, pertinent laws, regulations, and common causes of litigation. 

    The Residential Purchase Agreement
    CE.3224000-RE 4 Hrs. Contracts ~ Structure contracts that facilitate a "meeting of the minds" and increase the likelihood of an accepted offer.  Emphasis on the GLVAR RPA and short sale and REO transactions. 

  • The Residential Purchase Agreement UPDATED
    CE# Pending! 3 Hrs. Contracts

  • Who Can Legally Negotiate Short Sales in Nevada?
    CE# Pending!  3 Hrs. General
    This course focuses on short sale negotiating and the difference between licensed and unlicensed activities pursuant to NRS Chapters 645 & 645F, as well as the NRED's Position Statement of October 2009. Discussion of ministerial and clerical acts, and more!   

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